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Doubtbox is the latest innovative product from the founders of eTutor, which is used by half a million students across the globe. This Interactive Digital Content Repository has 8000 animated topics and one lakh questions with answers for Classes 1-12 . Doubtbox pen drive, an excellent tuition master at home, facilitating self learning by students, available for   Classes 1-12, based on CBSE syllabus, with effective blending of ICSE and State Boards syllabus. Once they are set up in the home computer/lap top, students can study any lesson according to their convenience and do home work easily, watching the lessons enriched with multimedia. All the topics are explained with quality animations, graphics, pictures and diagrams along with audio explanations. Students will enjoy lessons as if seeing an animated, topic-based film.

Doubtbox Features:

Latest syllabus

Animated video lessons

Exciting visuals

Audio explanations

Multiple choice questions


Time bound test

Model test papers

Previous years question papers

NCERT solutions

System Requirements:

Processor – Minimum:1 GHZ, RAM – Minimum:2 GB

Disk Space – Minimum 10 GB Free space

Screen resolution – 1280 x 720 or above

Operating System – Windows 7 or above

Product Description

Topics covered in doubtbox Educational Pen Drive


Chapter 1. Get to know me

Introduction, About myself, Summary

Chapter 2. Growing up

Introduction, Different stages of growth in Nina’s life, People look different from each other, Summary

Chapter 3. Plant Life

Introduction, Parts of the Plant, Trees, Thorny Plants, Herbs, Shrubs, Creepers, Climbers, Plants Give Us Food, Plants For Many Things Other Than Food, Some Other Uses of Plants, Dried Plants, Plants need Caring, Summary

Chapter 4. Animal Life

Introduction, Wild Animals, Wild Animals are of Different Sizes, Natural Shelters, Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores, Scavengers, Animals for Food, Animals for other Things, Summary

Chapter 5. Air

Introduction, Air Is A Mixture of Gases, Air Contains Water Vapour, Air Has Smoke in It, Air Has Germs in It, Air Has Dust Particles In It, Wind, Wind Has Direction, Wind Force is Useful, Clean And Fresh Air, Summary

Chapter 6. Water

Introduction, Three form of Water, Liquid form of Water, Solid form of Water, Gaseous form of Water, We Get Water from Many Sources, Drinking Water, We Use Water for Various Purposes, All Water is Not Clean, We Should Clean Water Before Use, Water Cycle, Summary

Chapter 7. Shadow

Introduction, Shadow, Shadows Change In Direction, Summary

Chapter 8. Heavenly Bodies

Introduction, The sun, The moon, Stars, Summary

Chapter 9. Our Earth

Introduction, Air, Water, Waterfalls, Our Earth, Land, Plains, Hills, Mountains, Valleys, Lakes, Save the Earth, Summary

Chapter 10. Seasons

Introduction, Seasons, Summer, Monsoon, Winter, Summary

Chapter 11. Directions and Time

Introduction, Major Directions, Map, Time, Summary

Chapter 12. Story of The Wheel

Introduction, Story of Wheels, Summary

Chapter 13. Human Body

Introduction, Body Posture, Sense Organs, Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Nose, Your Skin, Your Tongue, Bones, Muscles, Summary

Chapter 14. Food and Health

Introduction, Healthy Eating Habits, Energy Giving Food, Body Building Food, Food We Eat, Protective Food, Food Hygiene, Plants Give Us Food, Food from Animals and Birds, Summary

Chapter 15. Clothes

Introduction, Different kinds of Clothes in India, Clothes worn in Special Jobs, Clothes We Wear During Rainy Season, Clothes We Wear During Summer, Clothes We Wear During Winter, Silk, Care of Clothes, Summary

Chapter 16. Good Habits

Introduction, Exercise, Healthy Eating Habits, Play, Sleep, We Need Pure Air to Breathe, We Need Pure Water to Drink, Good Food Habits, We Need Good Food to Keep It, More Good Habits, Good Habits at Home, Toilet Manners, Summary

Chapter 17. Housing

Introduction, An Ideal House, A Pucca House, Caves, Houses in Villages, Houses in Towns and Cities, Type of Houses, Bungalows, Flats, Caravan, Roofs, People Engaged In Making Houses, Summary

Chapter 18. Safety and First Aid

Introduction, First Aid, Safety at Home, Safety While Handling Fire, Safety on the Road, Traffic Lights, Safety While Travelling By Bus, Safety in a Car, Safety on the Bicycle, Safety While Swimming, Safety While Playing, Safety While Working With Tools, Helping Others, Summary

Chapter 19. Our Family

Introduction, My Family, Nuclear Family, Large Family, Joint Family, Summary

Chapter 20. Services in the Neighbour Hood

Introduction, Our Neighbourhood, Schools/Colleges, Post Office, Police Station, Bus Stop, Railway Station, Fire Fighters, The Hospital, Market, Bank, Summary

Chapter 21. Means of Transport

Introduction, Means of Transport, Roadways, Railways, Waterways, Airways, Summary

Chapter 22. Places of Worship

Introduction, Places of Worship, Summary

Chapter 23. Our Festivals

Introduction, Celebrations, Festivals, National Festivals, Religious Festivals, Harvest Festivals, Summary


Chapter 1. What is Long, What is Round?

Introduction, 2D shapes, 3D objects, Drawing circle from cylinder and sphere

Chapter 2. Counting in Groups

Introduction, Counting Numbers, Even and odd Numbers, Counting in Groups, Position of objects

Chapter 3. How Much Can You Carry?

Introduction, Weight, Weight balance, Measurements

Chapter 4. Counting in Tens

Digit numbers in tens and ones, Group of tens and ones, Expansion of numbers through tens and ones, Making hundreds using abacus

Chapter 5. Patterns

Introduction, Patterns around us, Number Pattern, Making Pattern

Chapter 6. Footprints

Shapes, Understanding Shapes, Plane figures sides and vertices, Shapes with tangrams

Chapter 7. Jugs and Mugs

Introduction, Capacity, Measurements of Capacity

Chapter 8. Tens and Ones

Place value of two digit numbers, Comparing Numbers,. Arranging ascending order 2 digit numbers, Arranging descending order of 2-digit numbers, Comparison of 2 digit numbers

Chapter 9. My Funday

Introduction, Time, Day and week, Month and year, Seasons, Longer and shorter duration events

Chapter 10. Add Our Points

Mental Aritrhmetic, Mental calculation, Sum of Counting Numbers

Chapter 11. Lines and Lines

Straight lines, Curved_lines, Difference between straight line and curved line, Line in Pictures

Chapter 12. Give and Take

Regrouping of numbers, Addition, Addition of two digit Numbers, Addition of 3 digit numbers, Addition properties, Subtraction, Subtraction of 2 digit numbers, Subtraction of 3 digit numbers, Subtraction properties

Chapter 13. The Longest Step

Introduction, Length, Units of length, Use of a scale or ruler

Chapter 14. Birds Come, Birds Go

Addition of 2 digit numbers with carrying, Addition of 2 digit numbers without carrying, Subtraction of 2digit numbers with Borrowing, Subtraction of 2digit numbers without Borrowing, Multiplication, Division, Money

Chapter 15. How Many Ponytails?

Introduction, Data, Pictorial representation of data, Pictograph


Unit I

1. First day at school(Poem)
2. Haldi’s Adventure(Story)
3. The Paddling pool(Poem)
4. Bells(Poem)
5. Let’s listen and sing(Poem)

Unit II

1. I am lucky(Poem)
2. I want(Story)
3. Kang has a dream(Poem)

Unit III

1. A smile(Poem)
2. The wind and the Sun(Story)
3. If you are happy and you know it(Poem)

Unit IV

1. Rain(Poem)
2. Storm in the Garden(Story)
3. Let’s Sing(Poem)

Unit V

1. Zoo manners(Poem)
2. Funny Bunny(Story)

Unit VI

1. Mr. Nobody(Poem)
2. Curly locks and the three bears(Story)
3. The Zigzag Boy(Poem)

Unit VII

1. On my black board I can draw(Poem)
2. Make it shorter(Story)
3. The Mouse and the pencil(Story)


1. I am the music man(Poem)
2. The Mumbai musicians(Story)
3. Heigh-ho(Poem)

Unit IX

1. Granny Granny Please comb my hair(Poem)
2. The Magic porridge pot(Story)

Unit X

1. Strange talk(Poem)
2. The Grass hopper and the Ant(Story)
3. The Wise Old Owl(Poem)


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