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Doubtbox is the latest innovative product from the founders of eTutor, which is used by half a million students across the globe. This Interactive Digital Content Repository has 8000 animated topics and one lakh questions with answers for Classes 1-12 . Doubtbox pen drive, an excellent tuition master at home, facilitating self learning by students, available for   Classes 1-12, based on CBSE syllabus, with effective blending of ICSE and State Boards syllabus. Once they are set up in the home computer/lap top, students can study any lesson according to their convenience and do home work easily, watching the lessons enriched with multimedia. All the topics are explained with quality animations, graphics, pictures and diagrams along with audio explanations. Students will enjoy lessons as if seeing an animated, topic-based film.

Doubtbox Features:

Latest syllabus

Animated video lessons

Exciting visuals

Audio explanations

Multiple choice questions


Time bound test

Model test papers

Previous years question papers

NCERT solutions

System Requirements:

Processor – Minimum:1 GHZ, RAM – Minimum:2 GB

Disk Space – Minimum 10 GB Free space

Screen resolution – 1280 x 720 or above

Operating System – Windows 7 or above

Product Description

Topics Covered in doubtbox Educational Pen Drive


Chapter 1. Living Things and Non-Living Things

Introduction, Living and Non-Living Things, Breathing, Respiration, Growth, Stimulus –Response, Living Things
Move, Photosynthesis, Food preparation, Reproduction, Summary

Chapter 2. Internal Organs of Our Body

Introduction, Internal organs of our body, Bones, Muscles, Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach, Small
Intestine, Large Intestine, Summary

Chapter 3. Sources of Food

Introduction, Plants Give Us Food, Animal For Food, Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores, Summary

Chapter 4. Food and Us

Introduction, Energy Giving Food, Body Building Food, Foods that protect the Body, Watre, Safety and Storage
of Food, Avoid Wastage of Food and Water, Food Hygiene, Summary

Chapter 5. Our Clothes

Introduction, Clothes We Wear, Natural Fibre, Synthetic Fibre, Weaving, Dyeing and Designing, Finishing and
Stitching, Summary

Chapter 6. Air and its Uses

Introduction, Air, Characteristics of Air, Uses of Air, Air has Weight, Air fills Space, Animals and Plants
also need Air, Summary

Chapter 7. Houses and the Environment

Introduction, Houses in the Areas with Heavy Snow, Houses in Mountainous Regions, Houses in areas with heavy
Rain, Houses in villages, Houses in cities and towns, A Good House, Natural Shelters, Sanitation, Safety,

Chapter 8. Maps

Introduction, Maps, Magnetic Compass, Cartography, Atlas, Political Maps, Physical Maps, Summary

Chapter 9. Health And Hygiene

Introduction, Sense Organs, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tongue, Skin, Mouth, Teeth, Hair, Face, Care of the Nails, Care
of the Hands, Care of the Legs, Exercise, Importance of Body Posture, School Health Club, Summary

Chapter 10. Cleanliness of Surroundings

Introduction, Keeping Cleanliness Around The House, Maintaining community Hygiene, Maintaining domestic
Hygiene, Keeping the city Clean, Keeping the neighbourhood Clean, Disposing city Waste, Reducing, reusing and
recycling Waste, Summary

Chapter 11. Pollution

Introduction, Air Pollution, Effects of Air Pollution, Control of Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Effects of
Water Pollution, Control of Water Pollution, Noise Pollution, Soil Pollution, Summary

Chapter 12. Emergency Care And Home Remedies

Introduction, Emergency Care, First aid for Burns, First Aid for Wounds, First Aid for Nose Bleeds, First Aid
for Snake Bite, First aid for Insect bite, First aid for scorpion bite, First aid for dog bite, First aid for
fracture, First aid for sprains, First aid for animal bites, Summary

Chapter 13. Our Festivals

Introduction, National Festivals, Religious Festival, Harvest Festival, Summary

Chapter 14. Village Panchayat
Introduction, Village Panchayat, Members of a Village Panchayat, Functions of a Village Panchayat, Summary

Chapter 15. Municipal Committee and Municipal Corporation

Introduction, Members of the Local Bodies, Municipal Committee, Municipal Corporation, Functions of Municipal
Committees and Municipal Corporation, Source of income of Local Bodies, Summary

Chapter 16. Public and Private Property

Introduction, Private Property, Public Property, Summary

Chapter 17. Means Of Transport
Introduction, Means of Transport, Land Transport, Roadways, Railways, Water Transport, Air Transport, Summary

Chapter 18. Means Of Communication

Introduction, Letters and Telegrams, Newspapers, Radio and Television, Telephone, Pager, Mobile Phone, Telex,
Fax, Internet, Summary

Chapter 19. The Story Of Fire

Introduction, Story of Fire, Use of Fire in Daily Life, Precautions While Using Fire, Summary

Chapter 20. Safety Rules

Introduction, Safety at Home, While Handling Fire, Safety on the Road, Safety rules in the bus, Safety rules in
the school, Safety in the classroom, Summary

Chapter 21. Inventors and Inventions

Introduction, The Steam Engine, Aeroplane, Printing Press, Dynamo, Electric Bulb, Telephone, Summary

Chapter 22. Natural Resources
Introduction, Natural Resources, Sunlight as a Natural Resource, Air as a Natural Resource, Water as a Natural
Resource, Soil as a Natural Resource, Forest, Coal and Petroleum, Summary

Chapter 23. Natural Changes

Introduction, Solar System, Movement of the Earth, The Moon, Phases of the Moon, Landing on the Moon, Life on
the Moon, Roof of the House, The Weather, Weather and Climate Affect Our Lives, Weather and Climate Influence
the Type of Clothes People Wear, Weather Determines the Cultivation of a Particular Area, Eating Habit of
People Change With the Weather, Weather Determines the Type of House of an Area, Summary


Chapter 1. Building with Bricks

Shapes, Shapes with tangrams, Tiling Tessellating Shapes,Nets for building 3-D shapes, Numbering system

Chapter 2. Long and Short

Measurement of length, Measures of length, Conversion of Length,Addition and Subtraction with Conversion,
Problems on metres and centimetres

Chapter 3. A Trip to Bhopal

Multiplication, Multiplication Tables, Estimation, Mental calculation

Chapter 4. Tick-Tick-Tick

Introduction to Time, Time, AM and PM, The 24 Hour clock, Duration of time, Dates

Chapter 5. The Way The World Looks

Maps, Objects, View of objects, position of objects

Chapter 6. The Junk Seller

Money, Rupees and paise, Conversion of Rupees and Paise, Finding unit and multiple costs, Shopping

Chapter 7. Jugs and Mugs

Capacity, Measures of capacity, Conversion of Standard Unit of Capacity, Addition and Subtraction by
Conversion, Volume

Chapter 8. Carts & Wheels

Circle, Elements of a circle, Drawing circles

Chapter 9. Halves and Quarters

Introduction, Fractions, Fraction- part of a whole, Types of fractions, Equivalent fractions

Chapter 10. Play with Patterns

Patterns around us, Patterns, Geometrical pattern based on symmetry, Number Patterns, Patterns in multiplication and division, Making Patterns

Chapter 11. Tables and Shares

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Estimation

Chapter 12. How Heavy? How Light?

Weights, Mass, Measurements

Chapter 13. Fields and Fences

Introduction, Square and Rectangle, Area, Perimeter, Finding Area and perimeter using formula

Chapter 14. Smart Charts

Introduction, Data Handling, Pictograph, Bar graph


Unit I

1. Wake Up! (Poem)
2. Neha’s Alarm Clock(Story)

Unit II

1. Noses(Poem)
2. The Little Fir Tree(Story)
3. What is it? (Poem)

Unit III

1. Run! (Poem)
2. Nasruddin’s Aim(Story)

Unit VI

1. Why? (Poem)
2. Alice In Wonder Land(Story)
3. The man in an onion bed(Poem)

Unit V
1. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark(Poem)
2. Helen Keller(Story)
3. Don’t give up(Poem)

Unit VI

1. The Donkey(Poem)
2. I Had A Little Pony(Poem)
3. The Milkman’s Cow(Story)
4. The Cruel Boy(Story)

Unit VII

1. Hiawatha(Poem)
2. The Scholar’s Mother Tongue(Story)


1. A Watering Rhyme(Poem)
2. The Giving Tree(Story)
3. Chinta Chettu(Poem)

Unit IX

1. Books(Poem)
2. Going To Buy A Book(Story)

Unit X

1. The Naughty Boy(Poem)
2. Pinocchio(Story)


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