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Doubtbox is the latest innovative product from the founders of eTutor, which is used by half a million students across the globe. This Interactive Digital Content Repository has 8000 animated topics and one lakh questions with answers for Classes 1-12 . Doubtbox pen drive, an excellent tuition master at home, facilitating self learning by students, available for   Classes 1-12, based on CBSE syllabus, with effective blending of ICSE and State Boards syllabus. Once they are set up in the home computer/lap top, students can study any lesson according to their convenience and do home work easily, watching the lessons enriched with multimedia. All the topics are explained with quality animations, graphics, pictures and diagrams along with audio explanations. Students will enjoy lessons as if seeing an animated, topic-based film.

Doubtbox Features:

Latest syllabus

Animated video lessons

Exciting visuals

Audio explanations

Multiple choice questions


Time bound test

Model test papers

Previous years question papers

NCERT solutions

System Requirements:

Processor – Minimum:1 GHZ, RAM – Minimum:2 GB

Disk Space – Minimum 10 GB Free space

Screen resolution – 1280 x 720 or above

Operating System – Windows 7 or above

Product Description

Topics Covered in doubtbox Educational Pen Drive


Chapter 1. Super Senses

Introduction, Sense Organs, The Eyes, The Ears, The Nose, The Tongue, The Skin, Tigers

Chapter 2. A Snake Charmer’s Story

Snakes, Poisonous snakes, First aid for snake bite

Chapter 3. From Tasting to Digesting

Stomach, Good food, good health, Body building food, Energy giving food, Food and hygiene, Digestive system

Chapter 4. Mangoes Round the Year

Introduction, Occurrence of Microbes, Harmful Bacteria, Food Poisoning, Food Preservation

Chapter 5. Seeds and Seeds

Introduction, Sprouting of seeds, How does a big plant grow from a tiny seed?, How long did it take for the plant to come out from the soil?, Light seeds

Chapter 6. Every Drop Counts

Introduction, Importance of water, Flood, Drought, Water pollution and its causes, Water harvesting

Chapter 7. Experiments with Water

Density, Soluble substances, Insoluble Substances, Solutions

Chapter 8. A Treat for Mosquitoes

Spreading of diseases, Malaria

Chapter 12. What if it Finishes

A bus journey, Treasure from the earth, Petrol, Harmful effects of burning a fuel

Chapter 13. A Shelter so High!

Types of houses, Desert, Houses in mountainous regions

Chapter 15. Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Flow of air, Breathing, Air, Characteristics of air, Uses of Air

Chapter 16. Who will do this Work?

Cleanliness, keeping cleanliness around the house, Keeping neighbourhood clean, Steps to be taken to clean surroundings

Chapter 19. A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story

Seeds, Vegetables, Growing of Crops, Protection of crops

Chapter 20. Whose Forests?

Introduction, Natural Resources, Forest Resources

Chapter 21. Like Father, Like Daughter

Heredity, Acquired and Inherited Traits

Chapter 22. On the Move Again

Festivals, After Dushera, National Festivals, Dushera, Religious Festivals, Harvest Festivals, Raksha Bandhan, Holi


Chapter 1. The Fish Tale

Shapes, Large numbers, Estimations, Weight, Number System, Capacity, Time, Money, Roman Numerals

Chapter 2. Shapes and Angles

Line, Ray and Line segment, Triangle, Circle, Angles, Type of Angles, Uses of Ruler, Protractor and set squares, Measuring Angles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons

Chapter 3. How many Squares

Introduction, Area, Finding Area, Perimeter, Summary

Chapter 4. Parts and Wholes

Introduction, Parts of a whole, Fractions, Types of Fractions, Ascending and descending order of fractions, Reciprocal of fractions, Unit of fractions, Comparison of fractions, Conversion of fractions, Estimated fractions,Summary

Chapter 5. Does It Look The same?

Introduction, Make your Pattern, Mirror Halves, Symmetry, Line of symmetry, Rotational Symmetry

Chapter 6. Be my Multiple,I’ll be your Factor

Introduction, Multiples, Factors, Common Multiples, Common Factors, Prime and composite numbers, Prime factorisation, Highest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple, Co-prime numbers, Divisibility Test

Chapter 7. Can You see the Pattern?

Introduction, Look for a pattern, Patterns, Number Patterns, Even and odd Number Patterns. Square and Triangluar Numbers

Chapter 8. Mapping Your Way

Introduction to Maps, Maps, Type of maps, Signs and Symbols, Directions

Chapter 9. Boxes and Sketches

Introduction, 2 Dimensional Shapes, 3 Dimensional Shapes, Nets for making 3D Model, Drawing 3d objects in 2D, Drawing 2d shapes using 3d Objects, Rotation and Reflection of 2D shapes

Chapter 10. Tenths and Hundredths

Introduction, Decimals, Operations of Decimals, Expansion of Decimals, Comparision of Decimals, Representing decimal fractions, Metric system of Measurements, Basic Units used in metric System, Conversion of metric units, Converting metric units to Decimals, Percentages

Chapter 11. Area and Its Boundary

Introduction, Area, Perimeter, Area of Parallogram

Chapter 12. Smart Charts

Introduction, Data, Collection and Organizing of Data, Making Tally Marks, Bar graphs, Pictograph, Graphical representation of data

Chapter 13. Ways to multiple and Divide

Introduction, Maniratnam, Multiplication, Multiplication by lattice algorithm, Patterns in multiplication, Division, Summary

Chapter 14. How Big? How Heavy?

Introduction, Solids, Volume, Volume of cube, Volume of cubiod, Mass, Lengths


Unit I

1. Bamboo Curry (Story)
2. Wonderful Waste! (Story)
3. Ice-cream Man (Poem)

Unit II

1. Flying Together (Story)
2. Team Work (Poem)

Unit III

1. Robinson Crusoe (Story)
2. My Shadow(Poem)

Unit IV

1. My Elder Brother (Story)
2. Crying (Poem)

Unit V
1. Rip Van Winkle (Story)
2. The Lazy Frog (Poem)

Unit VI
1. The Talkative Barber (Story)
2. Class Discussion (Poem)

Unit VII
1. Gulliver’s Travels (Story)
2. Topsy-turvy Land (Poem)

1. The Little Bully (Story)
2. Nobody’s Friend (Poem)

Unit IX
1. Around the World (Story)
2. Sing a Song of People (Poem)

Unit X
1. Who Will be Ningthou? (Story)
2. Malu Bhalu (Poem)


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