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Basic Computer Skills & Introduction to Social Media


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Computer based tutorial CD in Malayalam

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Malayala Manorama Basic Computer Skills & Introduction to Social Media

Computer based tutorial CD in Malayalam


  • Module 1 – Introduction to Computers : Learning Objectives, What is a Computer? Classification of computers, Parts of a Computer,
  • What is an Operating System? Applications Software, External Devices, Use of computers in Daily Life, Troubleshooting computer problems, etc.
  • Module 2 – Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) : Introduction to the Internet, What is the Internet? The World Wide Web, HTTP and TCP/IP, Finding information online,
  • Use of Internet in the future, Connecting to the Internet, Modem, Web browsers, Navigating to a website, Browsing history, Tabbed browsing, Downloading files, Internet on mobile
  • devices, Introduction to E-mail , Webmail providers, Getting started with e-mail, Establishing your own e-mail account, etc.
  • Module 3 – Social Media : What is Facebook? Setting up an Account, Timeline, Search for People, Friend Request, Private Messages, etc.
  • What is YouTube? Setting up an Account, Channels, Subscribing to Channels, Sharing Videos, etc.
  • Twitter: Twitter is different from Facebook, Create a Twitter Account, Setting Up, Your Profile, What is “Following?” Who are “Followers?” Compose Your First Tweet, etc.
  • What Is Skype? Creating your Skype Account, Main Skype Window Tour-Your Skype Dashboard, Adding Contacts, Text Messaging or Chatting,
  • Calling Other Skype Users – Audio and Video, Advanced Features, etc…
  • What is a “blog”? Contents of a blog, Comments, Simplicity, Creating a Blog,etc.
  • Smartphone for browsing and other uses : Smartphone Operating Systems, How Touchscreens Work, An Introduction to Apps, etc.


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