Class 9 – Mathematics


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CLASS  9 – MATHEMATICS with following units explained in details : Unit 1 . Number Systems Unit 2 . Algebra – Polynomials Unit 3 . Algebra – Linear Equation in One Variables Unit 4 . Geometry Unit 5. Geometry – Quadrilaterals Unit 6. Geometry – Circle Unit 7 . Geometry – Constructions Unit 8 . Coordinate Geometry Unit 9. Mensuration Unit 10. Statistics and Probability


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Unit 1 . Number Systems 

Rational Numbers, Irrational Number

Unit 2. Algebra – Polynomials

Factorisation of Polynomial, Remainder and Factor Theorem

Unit 3 . Algebra – Linear Equation in One Variables

Solution of a Linear Equation in One Variable, Graphical Method of Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations, Algebraic Method of Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations

Unit 4 . Geometry

Point and Lines – Concepts and Construct, Intersecting Lines, Properties of Angles Made by a Transversal, Sum of Angles of a Triangle, Congruency of Two Triangles, Properties of Isosceles Triangle, Properties of Isosceles Triangle, Greater Side has Greater Angle Opposite to It, Sum of Two Sides of a Triangle is Greater than the Third Side

 Unit 5 . Geometry– Quadrilaterals

Properties of a Parallelogram – I, Properties of a Parallelogram – II, Special Types of Parallelogram, Area of Parallelogram,  Concurrency of Angle Bisectors and   Concurrency of Perpendicular Bisectors, Concurrency of Medians and Altitudes

Unit 6 . Geometry – Circle

Chord Properties of a Circle, Arc and Angle Properties of a Circle

Unit 7 . Geometry – Constructions 

Construction of Lines and Angles, Construction of triangle, Construction of Parallelograms, Construction of circles, Construction of Inscribed and Circumscribed Regular Polygons, Circumcircle, Incircle, Escribed Circle and Tangents to a Circle

Unit 8 . Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry

Unit 9 . Mensuration 

Area of Triangle and Related PlaneFigures, Area of Circle, Sector and Segment of  a Circle, Surface Area and Volume of a Cuboid, Volume and Surface Area of Cylinder, Volume And Surface Area of Right Circular Cone, Volume and Surface Area of Sphere

Unit 10 . Statistics and Probability

Tabular Representation of Statistical Data, Graphical Representation of Statistical Data, Measures of Central Tendency, Probability



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