Class 8 – Physics


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CLASS 8 – PHYSICS with following topics explained in details: Unit  1. The Universe Unit 2. Light Unit 3. Magnetism and Electricity Unit  4. Sources of Energy Unit 5. Sound Unit 6. Friction Unit 7. Pressure


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Unit 1. The Universe

Introduction, The Universe, Galaxy, Stars, Planets and its classification, Difference between Stars and Planets, Light year, The Solar System, The  Sun, Planets, Constellations, Comets, Meteors and Meteorites, Asteroids, Natural and Artificial Satellites, Functioning of a communication satellite, Applications of artificial satellite, Orbital velocity, Weightlessness in space flight, Synchronous satellite or geostationary satellite, Escape velocity, The Moon, Phases of moon, Summary

Unit 2. Light

Introduction, Optical density, Refraction, Effects of refraction, Refractive index, Refraction through glass slab, Refraction through a prism, Dispersion of light, The rainbow, Lenses, Terms related to lenses, Lens as combination of slabs and prisms, Images in concave and convex lenses, Optical instruments, Microscope, Telescope, Photographic camera, Eye, Summary

Unit 3. Magnetism and Electricity

Introduction, Electric current, Sources of electric current, Voltaic cell, Daniel cell, Dry cell, Button cell, Leclanche cell, Secondary cell, Lead acid storage battery, Electric circuit, Conductors semiconductors and insulators, Magnets, Induced magnetism, Earths magnetic field, Electromagnetic induction, Magnetic effects of electric current, Electromagnets, Electric bell, Summary

Unit 4. Sources of Energy

Introduction, Energy requirements, Development of Alternative sources of energy, Renewable Sources of Energy, Solar energy, Hydro energy, Geothermal Energy, Wind energy, Tidal energy, Energy from wood, agricultural waste and animals dung cakes, Biogas, Non-Renewable Sources of Energy, Petroleum and its products, Coal and its Products, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear fusion, Fuels, Classification of fuels as solid, liquid and gaseous fuels Solid fuel, Combustion, Types of combustion, Fire fighting, The trend of energy consumption in India, Judicious use of energy, Impact of energy consumption on environment, Earthquakes, How man alters environment, Summary

Unit 5. Sound

Introduction, Types of Sounds, Production of Sounds, Characteristics of Vibration, Characteristics of Sound, Hearing of Sound, Speed of Sound, Reflection of Sound, Uses of Sound, Noise and its Hazards, Summary

Unit 6. Friction 

Introduction, Friction, Types of Friction, Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction, Definition of Force, Newton’s First Law of Motion, Newton’s Second Law of Motion, Newton’s Third Law of Motion, Summary

Unit 7. Pressure 

Introduction, Thrust And Pressure, Units of Thrust, Units of Pressure, Fluid Pressure, Role of Pressure in Daily Life, Archimedes Principle, Proof  of Archimedes Principle, Applications ofArchimedes Principle, Immersion  of Body, Relative Density, Summary


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