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CLASS  7 – GEOGRAPHY with following units explained in details : Unit 1. Environment, Unit 2. Inside Our Earth, Unit 3. Our changing Earth, Unit 4. Air, Unit 5. Water, Unit 6. Natural Vegetation, Unit 7. Human environment –Settlement, Transport and Communication, Unit 8. Human environment interactions- The tropical and the sub-tropical Region, Unit 9. Life in the Temperate Grasslands, Unit 10. Life in the Desert- Sahara and Ladakh


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Unit 1. Environment

Introduction, Environment, Biotic Environment, Abiotic Environment, Interaction between Biotic and Abiotic Environment, Spheres of the Environment, Food chain, Ecosystem, Ecological Balance, Environment and Human beings, Summary

Unit 2. Inside Our Earth

Introduction, Layers of the earth, Lithosphere or Earth’s crust, Mantle, Core, Rocks and Minerals, Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Rock cycle, Summary

Unit 3. Our changing Earth

Introduction, Earth Movements, Sudden Movements, Slow or Secular Movements, Summary

Unit 4. Air

Introduction, Air, Composition of Air, Structure of Air, The Troposphere, The Stratosphere, The Mesosphere, The Thermosphere, The Ionosphere, The Exosphere, Weather, Climate, Atmospheric Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Wind System, Humidity, Summary 

Unit 5. Water

Introduction,  Water, Hydrological Cycle, Salinity of Sea Water, Major Water Bodies, Significance of Oceans, Sea water, Waves, Tides, Ocean currents, Summary

Unit 6. Natural Vegetation

Introduction, Natural vegetation, Forest vegetation, Tropical Evergreen Forests, Tropical Monsoon Forests, Temperate Evergreen Forests, Mediterranean type of Forests, Temperate Deciduous Forests, Coniferous forests, Grassland Vegetation, Tropical Grasslands, Temperate Grasslands, Desert vegetation, Tundra vegetation, Forests and wildlife-valuable resource for the Humankind, Summary

Unit 7. Human environment –Settlement, Transport and Communication.        

Introduction, Settlement , Rural Settlement, Dispersed Settlement, Nucleated or compact Settlement, Patterns of Rural Settlement, Functions of Rural Settlement, Urban settlement, Transport, Roadways, Railways, Waterways, Airways, Communication, Summary

Unit 8. Human environment interactions- The tropical and the sub-tropical Region

Introduction,  Amazon basin, Climatic conditions of Amazon basin, Forest in Amazon basin,  Wild life in Amazon basin, Life-style of the people in Amazon basin, Ganga-Brahmaputra basin, Climatic conditions of Ganga-Brahmaputra basin, Agriculture in Ganga –Brahmaputra basin, Development of Ganga – Brahmaputra basin, Summary

Unit 9. Life in the Temperate Grasslands

Introduction, Temperate Grasslands, The Prairies, Climatic condition of Prairies, Geographical advantages of the Prairies, Occupations of the people in the Prairies, Agriculture in the Prairies, Features of towns in Prairies, The Veld, Climatic conditions and vegetation in the Veld, Occupation of the people in the Veld, Main crops in the Veld, Summary

Unit 10. Life in the Desert- Sahara and Ladakh

Introduction, Desert, Sahara desert, Climatic conditions of Sahara Desert, Vegetation of Sahara Desert, Major tribes of Sahara Desert, Agricultural activities of Sahara Desert, Trade and transport in Sahara Desert, Animal species of Sahara Desert,  Ladakh (cold desert), Climatic conditions of Ladakh Desert, Agricultural activities in Ladakh Desert, Development of towns in Ladakh Desert, Steps  to improve the life-style of the people of Ladakh, Summary


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