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CLASS 5 –  SCIENCE with following topics explained in details : Unit 1. Animal Life Unit 2. Plant Life Unit 3. Rocks, Soils and Minerals Unit 4. Air and Water Unit 5. Our Universe Unit 6. Human Body Unit 7. Safety and First Aid Unit 8. Housing Unit 9. Energy and Work Unit 10. States of Matter

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Unit 1. Animal Life

Animals living only on Land, Animals living only in Water, Animals living  both on Land and Water, Animals living on Land and Air, Limbs of Animals, Limbs of Monkeys, Birds and Reptiles, Movement of Insects, Movement of Fishes, Breathing of Animals, Animals Breathe Through Lungs, Breathing  Through Tubes, Breathing Through Gills, Mechanism of Getting Food by  Insects/Frogs/Birds, Migration, Summary, Tips

Unit 2. Plant Life

Introduction, Reproduction in Plants, Reproduction with the Help of  Stems, Roots and Leaves, Reproduction with the Help of Seeds, Production  of Seed in Plants, Dispersal of Seeds in Plants, Dispersal by Wind, Dispersal  by Explosion, Dispersal by Water, Dispersal by Animals, Germination of  Seeds, Growing of Crops, Protection of Crops, Growing of Vegetables, Summary, Tips

Unit 3. Rocks, Soils and Minerals

Introduction, Types of Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Examples of  Sedimentary Rocks, Igneous Rocks, Examples of Igneous Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Examples of Metamorphic Rocks, Rocks, Minerals and their Uses, Causes of Breaking of Rocks, Valuable Underground Resources, Coal and Petroleum, Uses of Coal and Petroleum, The Soil, Soil Erosion, Agent of Soil Erosion, Soil Conservation, Summary, Tips

Unit 4. Air and Water

Introduction, The Air, Characteristics of Air, Air Occupies Space, Air has  Weight, Air Exerts Pressure, Uses of Air Pressure, Air contains Gases, Air  and Breathing, Natural Balance in Air, The Water, Separation of Dissolved  Substances from Water, Separation of Insoluble Substances from Water, Summary, Tips

Unit 5. Our Universe

Introduction, The Moon, Man’s landing on the Moon, The Earth and the  Moon, Surface of the Moon, Ocean Tides, Shadows, Eclipses of the Moon  and the Sun, Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Artificial Satellites, Uses of  Artificial Satellites, Summary, Tips

Unit 6. Human Body

Introduction, The Nervous system, Central Nervous System, The Brain, The Spinal Cord, The Peripheral Nervous System, Nerves, Sense Organs, The  Eyes, The Ears, The Nose, The Tongue, The Skin, Care of Sense Organs, The  Skeletal System, The Skeleton, Parts of the Skeleton, Functions of the  Skeleton, Kinds of Joints, Muscles, Types of Muscles, Development of  Muscles, Food and Health, Diseases, Spreading of Diseases, Precautions to  be taken against the spread of communicable diseases, Summary, Tips

Unit 7. Safety and First Aid

Introduction, Road signs and Safety Rules, Safety in a House, Causes of Fire, Prevention of Fire, Ways of putting out Fire, First Aid, First aid for  Wounds, First aid for Nose bleeds, First aid for Burns, First Aid for  Fracture, First Aid for Snake Bite, First aid for Animal Bites, Summary, Tips

Unit 8. Housing

Introduction, Construction of Houses, Roof of the House, Walls of the  House, Floor of the House, Doors and windows of a House, Drainage system  in Houses, Types of houses – Influenced by place and Climate, Types of  houses – Influenced by Money and Materials, Care of the House, Summary, Tips

Unit 9. Energy and Work

Introduction, Simple Machines, The Lever, The Wheel and Axle, The Pulley, The Inclined Plane, The Screw and the Windlass, An object in a fluid is acted upon by a Force, Floating Objects, Sinking Objects,Summary, Tips

Unit 10. States of Matter

Introduction, States of Matter, Molecules and Atoms, Elements and  Compounds, Changes in Matter, Solids and Solutions, Volume and Density, Chemicals used as fertilizers, Summary, Tips


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