Class 5 – Mathematics


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CLASS  5 – MATHEMATICS with following units explained in details : Unit 1. Larger Numbers, Unit 2. Roman Numerals, Unit 3. Factors and Multiples, Unit 4. Mental Arithmetic, Unit 5. Fractions, Unit 6. Decimals, Unit 7. Metric System, Unit 8. Simplifications, Unit 9. Money, Unit 10. Simple Interest, Unit 11. Geometry, Unit 12. Mensuration, Unit 13. Ratios , Unit 14. Data Handling, Unit 15. Patterns, Unit 16. Integers


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Unit 1. Larger Numbers

Introduction, Numbers Extended to Hundred Millions , International System of Numbers, Indian System of Numbers, Face Value and Place Value, Expanded Notation for Larger Numbers, Addition of Larger Numbers, Subtraction of Larger Numbers, Multiplication of Larger Numbers, Division of Larger Numbers, Summary

Unit 2. Roman Numerals

Introduction, Roman Symbols, Rules for writing the Roman Numerals, Roman Numerals, The Roman Symbol L, The Roman Symbols C,D,M, Summary

Unit 3. Factors and Multiples

Introduction, Factors, Finding Factors, Common and Highest Common Factors (H C F), Multiplication and division by factors, Multiplication by factors, Division by factors, Multiples ,Common and Least Common Multiples (L C M), Divisibility Tests, Prime and Composite Numbers, Finding Prime and Composite Numbers, Prime Factorization, Finding Prime Factors of a number, Prime Factorization by Division Method, Finding L C M by Prime Factors, Finding HCF by Prime Factors, Co- prime Numbers, Summary

Unit 4. Mental Arithmetic

Introduction, Estimation or Rounding off Numbers, Working rules for Estimation or Rounding off Numbers, Drawing Hills, Estimation in All Four Basic ,Operations, Estimating Difference, Estimating Product, Estimate the Quotient, Summary

Unit 5. Fractions    

Introduction, Fractions, Unit Fractions, Types of  Fractions, Comparison of Fractions, Estimated Fractions, Different Types of Estimated Fractions, Converting a given mixed fraction into an improper fraction, Converting the given improper fraction into mixed fraction, Ascending and Descending Order of Fractions, Addition of Fractions ,Subtraction of Fractions ,Multiplying a Fraction by a Whole Number , Division of  Fractions by Counting Numbers, Multiplication of Two Fractions, Reciprocal of  a Fraction, Dividing One Fraction by Another Fraction, Summary

Unit 6. Decimals

Introduction, Decimals, Representing Decimal Fractions, Comparison of Decimals, Expanded Form of Decimals, Addition & Subtraction of Decimals, Subtraction of Decimals, Multiplications of Decimals, Division of Decimals, Summary

Unit 7. Metric System

Introduction, Metric System – Tables of Length, Mass and Capacity., Conversion of Metric Units, Metric System – Addition, Metric System – Subtraction, Metric System – Multiplication and Division, Converting Metric units to Decimals, Summary

Unit 8. Simplifications

Introduction, Rules of Simplification, Summary

Unit 9. Money

Introduction, Percentage, Cost Price and Selling Price, Finding Cost, Profit & Loss, To find profit & loss percent, Summary

Unit 10. Simple Interest

Introduction, Facts to be remembered about Simple Interest, Calculating simple interest, Summary

Unit 11. Geometry

Introduction, Line, Ray , Line Segment, Intersecting, Parallel and Perpendicular lines, Drawing 3D Objects in 2D, Angles, Geometry Instrument Box, Use of a Ruler, Use of a Protractor, Measuring Angles, Measuring Reflex Angles, More Facts about Angles, Construct Angle Using a Protractor, Drawing and tracing Angles, Set Squares and its Uses, Polygons, Triangles, Construction of Triangles and Quadrilaterals, Construction of Squares and Rectangles, More about Polygons, Circles, Elements of a circle, Segment of a circle,  Interior and Exterior of a circle, Construction of a circle, Properties of a circle, Rotation and Reflection of 2D Shapes, Symmetry in 3D Shapes, Nets, Summary

Unit 12. Mensuration

Introduction, Area, Unit of Area, Area of Rectangle and Square, Area of parallelogram, Area of triangle, Perimeter, Unit of Perimeter, Volume, Unit of Volume, Facts to be remembered about Volume, Cube, Cuboid, Volume Note, Solids, Summary

Unit 13. Ratios

Introduction, Ratios, Some properties of ratios, Summary

Unit 14. Data Handling

Introduction, Graphical Representation, Pictograph, Bar graph , Summary

Unit 15. Patterns

Introduction, Patterns, Number pattern, Even and odd number patterns, Square Numbers, Sequence of square numbers, Triangular Numbers, Summary

Unit 16. Integers

Introduction, Integers, The number line, Opposites, Absolute value of an integers, Addition of Integers, Subtraction of integers, Exponents, Some rules about Exponents, Summary


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