Class 4 – Mathematics


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CLASS  4 – MATHEMATICS with following units explained in details : 

Unit 1. Numbering Systems, Unit 2. Additions and Subtraction, Unit 3. Multiplication, Unit 4. Division, Unit 5. Fractions, Unit 6. Metric Systems, Unit 7. Money, Unit 8. Time, Unit 9. Geometry, Unit 10. Areas and Perimeter, Unit 11. Roman Numerals, Unit 12. Data Handling, Unit 13. Patterns 


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Unit 1. Numbering Systems

Numbering Systems, Indian System, International System, Numbering Systems-Activity, Numbers on The Abacus, Indian System, International System, Number Line, Writing In Numerals, Indian System, International System, Expanded Form, Place Value, Bigger and Smaller Number, Ascending and Descending Order, Skip Counting

Unit 2. Additions and Subtraction

Addition Facts, Horizontal Addition , Horizontal Addition-Activity, Subtraction Facts, Horizontal Subtraction, Horizontal Subtraction-Activity

Unit 3. Multiplication

Multiplication Facts, Multiplication Tables, Multiply Mentally, Multiplication by Multiplies of 10, Multiplication by Single Digit Number, Multiplication by Two and Three Digit Numbers, Multiplication by Lattice Algorithm

Unit 4. Division

Division Facts, Division by Drawing Dots or Symbols, Division by Drawing Dots or Symbols-Activities, Division by Grouping , Division by Using Multiplication Facts, Division by Multiplies of 10 ( Without Remainder), Division by Multiplies of 10 (With Remainder), Division by Single-Digit And Two Digit Divisors, Estimation, Division by Using Multiplication Facts-Activity

Unit 5. Fractions

Fractions, Pact of A Whole, Pact of A Whole-Activity, Shade The Fractions, Know Your Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Equivalent Fractions-Activity

Unit 6. Metric Systems

Metric System-Tables of Length, Mass, and Capacity, Metric Measures,   Measurement of Length, Conversion of Metric Into Centimetre, Addition with Conversion, Subtraction by Conversion, Estimating Length , Measurement of Weight, Weigh Objects, Conversion of Mass, Addition By Conversion, Subtraction By Conversion, Estimating Weight, Measuring Capacity, Units of Capacity, Conversion of Liter To Millilitre, Addition by Conversion, Subtraction with Conversion, Activity, Estimating Capacity

Unit 7. Money

Conversion Of Rupees And Paise, Adding Rupees and Paise, Subtracting Rupees And Paise, Shopping, Finding Unit Cost, Finding Multiple Costs, Estimation of Cost

Unit 8. Time

Time, Telling the Time, Past the Hour or to the Hour, AM and PM, The 24 Hour Clock, Addition and Subtraction of Hours and Minutes, Duration of Time, Approximate Time, Weeks in a Year, Relation among Days, Months, & Year, Days, Weeks, Months, Need of Leap Year , Computation of Number of Days

Unit 9. Geometry   

Circles, Drawing Circles, Shapes with Tangrams, Shapes with Tangrams-Activity, Tiling or Tessellating Shapes, Tiling or Tessellating Shapes-Activity, Line, Measuring Line Segments, Nets, Drawing Cubes and Cuboids ( 3D Objects ) , Reflections, Play Using Reflections, Slide, Flip and Turn, Plan, Elevation and Side View of Objects

Unit 10. Areas and Perimeter

Area, Finding Area, Perimeter, Finding Area & Perimeter

Unit 11. Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals 

Unit 12. Data Handling

Representing Data- Bar Graph

Unit 13. Patterns

Patterns in Multiplication, Patterns in Division, Casting Out Nine, Patterns in 10s and 100s, Geometrical Patterns Based on Symmetry


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