Class 4 – English


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CLASS  4 – ENGLISH with following topics explained in details :

STORIES : Neha’s Alarm Clock, The Little Fir Tree, Nasruddin’s Aim, Alice In Wonder Land, Helen Keller, The Milkman’s Cow, The Cruel Boy, The Scholar’s Mother Tongue, The Giving Tree, Going To Buy A Book, Pinocchio

POEMS : Wake Up!, Noses, What is it?, Run!, Why?, The man in an onion bed, Don’t be Afraid of The Dark, Don’t give up, The Donkey, I Had A Little Pony, Hiawatha, A Watering Rhyme, Chinta Chettu, Books, The Naughty Boy

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Unit I .

1. Wake Up! (Poem)

2. Neha’s Alarm Clock(Story)

Unit II .

1. Noses(Poem)

2. The Little Fir Tree(Story)

3. What is it? (Poem)

Unit III .

1. Run! (Poem)

2. Nasruddin’s Aim(Story)

Unit VI .

1. Why? (Poem)

2. Alice In Wonder Land(Story)

3. The man in an onion bed(Poem)

Unit V .

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark(Poem)

2. Helen Keller(Story)

3. Don’t give up(Poem)

Unit VI .

1. The Donkey(Poem)

2. I Had A Little Pony(Poem)

3. The Milkman’s Cow(Story)

4. The Cruel Boy(Story)

Unit VII .

1. Hiawatha(Poem)

2. The Scholar’s Mother Tongue(Story)

Unit VIII .

1. A Watering Rhyme(Poem)

2. The Giving Tree(Story)

3. Chinta Chettu(Poem)

Unit IX .

1. Books(Poem)

2. Going To Buy A Book(Story)

Unit X .

1. The Naughty Boy(Poem)

2. Pinocchio(Story)


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