Class 3 – Mathematics


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CLASS  3 – MATHEMATICS with following units explained in details : Unit 1. Number Facts,  Unit 2. Addition and Subtraction,  Unit 3. Multiplication, Unit 4. Division, Unit 5. Mental Arithmetic, Unit 6. Time, Unit 7. Calendar, Unit 8. Money, Unit 9. Measurement of Length,  Unit 10. Measurement of Mass, Unit 11. Measurement of Capacity, Unit 12. Geometry, Unit 13. Data Handling,  Unit 14. Patterns


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Unit 1. Number Facts

Number facts, Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Writing 4- Digit Numbers, Counting in thousands, Reading 4-Digit numbers, 4-Digit Numbers on the Number Line, Comparing Numbers, Rules for comparing numbers, Ascending and Descending order, Before, Between and After, 4-Digit Number Fun, Place Value and Face Value, Finding the Face Value and Place Value, Even and Odd Numbers, Odd and Even Number Facts

 Unit 2. Addition and Subtraction

Addition of 4-Digit Numbers ( without regrouping ), Addition of 4- Digit Numbers ( with regrouping ), Activity, Subtraction of 4- Digit Numbers ( without borrowing ), Subtraction of 4- Digit Numbers ( with borrowing ), Estimation, Using number line, Using curved shifting

 Unit 3. Multiplication

Multiplication, Multiplication Properties, Multiplication by 10,100,1000, Column Multiplication, Multiplication by 2-Digit Numbers, Multiplication Facts, Lattice Multiplication Algorithm

Unit 4. Division

Division, Equal Sharing, Division by Subtraction, Long Division, Long Division with Remainder, Long Division by 2- Digit Number, Short Division, Check Your Division, Division Facts by Grouping, Relation between Division and Multiplication 

Unit 5. Mental Arithmetic

Mental Arithmetic, Make Addition hills, Activity

Unit 6. Time

Time Facts, Telling the Time, AM and PM, Activity, Time Problems

 Unit 7. Calendar

Calendar Fun, Activity, Sequencing the Events, Calendar Facts, Calendar Tricks, Problem Solving on the Calendar, Activity

 Unit 8. Money

Currency Facts, Activities, Addition by Conversion, Addition without Conversion, Subtraction by conversion, Subtraction without conversion, Making Bills

Unit 9. Measurement of Length

Measurement  of Length, Using a Ruler, Activities, Write in Metres, Write in Centimetres

Unit 10. Measurement of Mass 

Comparing weights, Activity-Make your own Balance, Comparing weights-Activity, Weighing objects, Comparison by Balance, Measurement of mass, Measurement of mass-Activity

Unit 11. Measurement of Capacity

Capacity, Comparing Capacity, Activity, Measurement of Capacity

Unit 12. Geometry

Introduction, Creating Shapes, By Paper Folding, Creating Shapes-Activity, By Paper Cutting, Paper Cutting-Activity, Geometry Facts, Line Segments, Measuring Line Segments, Line and line Segments, Line and line Segments-Activity, Straight lines and Curved Lines, Straight lines and Curved Lines-Activity, 2-D Shapes, Plane, Curved Surface, Plane Ffigures, Polygons, Plane Figures-Sides & Vertices, Plane Figures-Sides & Vertices-Activity, Naming 3-D Objects, Naming 3-D Objects-Activity, Plane and Solid Figures, Creating Shapes using Tan gram pieces, Tiling or Tessellating Shapes

Unit 13. Data Handling

Tally Marks, Pictorial Representation of Data, Activity

Unit 14. Patterns

Patterns, Making Patterns, Patterns using Numbers, Even and Odd Number Patterns, Patterns using Numbers-Activity, Patterns in Multiplication and Division, Patterns in Multiplication and Division-Activity


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