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CLASS 3  – ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES with following units explained in details : Unit 1. Living and Non-living Things Unit 2. Plant Life Unit 3. Animal Life Unit 4. Human Body Unit 5. Good Habits Unit 6. Safety and First Aid Unit 7. Food  and Health Unit 8. Water Unit 9. Air Unit 10. Rocks, Soils and  Minerals Unit 11. Earth and The Sky Unit 12. Weather Unit 13. Locating a Place Unit 14. Housing Unit 15. My Family and  Neighbour Hood Unit 16. Our Surroundings Unit 17. Story of  the Wheel Unit 18. Means of Transport Unit 19. Means of  Communication Unit 20. Our Festivals

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Unit 1. Living and Non-living Things

Introduction, Living And Non-Living Things, Food is needed for growth and  for Living, Breathing, Living things feel and non-living things do not Feel, Growth, Movement, Living Things Reproduce, Summary

Unit 2. Plant Life

Introduction, Flower, Fruits and Seeds, Parts of a Plant, Stem, Leaves, Roots, Summary

Unit 3. Animal Life

Introduction, Eating habits of Animals, Body parts of Animals, Special  Feeding Habits, Teeth of Animals, Care of Domestic Animal, Care of the  Young, Birds and Their Nest, Flight of Birds, Feet And Claws, Types of  Beaks, Insects, Water Animals, Amphibians, Food Chain, Summary

Unit 4. Human Body

Introduction, Body Parts, Head, Trunk, Limbs, Internal parts of our body, External parts of our body, Sense Organs, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Skin, The skeletal system, The Muscular System, The Nervous System, The  Breathing System, The Digestive System, The Excretory System, Summary

Unit 5. Good Habits

Introduction, Daily Routine, Exercise, Eating Habits, Play, Sleep, We Need  Pure Air to Breathe, We Need Pure Water to Drink, Good Food Habits, More  Good Habits, Good Habits At Home, Care of belongings, Summary

Unit 6. Safety and First Aid

Introduction, First Aid, Safety Rules in The Classroom, Safety Rules in The  School, Safety At Home, Safety on The Road, Safety Rules in The Bus, Summary

Unit 7. Food and Health

Introduction, Energy-giving Food, Body Building Food, Vegetables, Protective Food, Vegetarians and Non- Vegetarians, Good food habits to  keep us Healthy, Food for Plants, Food for Animals, Summary

Unit 8. Water

Introduction, Water, Forms of Water, Sources of Water, Purposes of Water, Water Cycle, Water Supply at Our Homes, Storing Water, Wasting and  polluting Water, Summary

Unit 9. Air

Introduction, Air, Air Has Weight, Air is needed to make things Burn, Air  Has Dust Particles, Air Pollution, Checking Air pollution, To Get Clean And  Fresh Air, Wind, Wind Has Direction, Summary

Unit 10. Rocks, Soils and Minerals

Introduction, Kinds of Rocks, Soil, Soil Erosion, Chipko Movement, Minerals, Vanamahotsava, Summary

Unit 11. Earth and The Sky

Introduction, Space, Indian Astronomers, Solar System, Sun, Moon, Life on The Moon, Landing on The Moon, Stars, The Earth, Movement of The Earth, Atmosphere, Summary

Unit 12. Weather

Introduction, Weather, Seasons, Rainy Season or Monsoons, Summer  Season, Winter Season, Clouds, Weather Forecast, Effects of Weather, Wind, Summary

Unit 13. Locating a Place

Introduction, Finding out the Directions, Major Directions, Maps, Symbols  and Signs, Summary

Unit 14. Housing

Introduction, A Pucca House, A Kuccha House, A Good House, Home is The Best, Clean House, Shelters of Animals, Some Other Shelters, Summary

Unit 15. My Family and Neighbour Hood

Introduction, Neighbourhood, Family, Nuclear Family, Joint Family, Large Family, Family and community Celebrations, Care For Others, Pets Care, Summary

Unit 16. Our Surroundings

Introduction, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Noise Pollution, Soil Erosion, Chipko movement, Steps to be taken to have clean  Surroundings, Summary

Unit 17. Story of the Wheel

Introduction, Story of Wheels, Summary

Unit 18. Means of Transport

Introduction, Means of Transport, Land Transport, Water Transport, Air  Transport, Animals as a means of Transport, Summary

Unit 19. Means of Communication

Introduction, News Papers, Radio and television, Telegram, Telephone, Fax and Internet, Letters, Journey of Letter, Summary

Unit 20. Our Festivals

Introduction, Birthdays of great people, Festivals, National Festival, Religious Festival, Harvest Festival, Summary


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