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CLASS  2 – ENGLISH with following topics explained in details :

STORIES : Haldi’s Adventure, I want, The wind and the Sun, Storm in the Garden, Funny Bunny, Curly locks and the three bears, Make it shorter,The Mouse and the pencil, The Mumbai musicians, The Magic porridge pot, The Grass hopper and the Ant

POEMS : First day at school, The Paddling pool, Bells, Let’s listen and sing, I am lucky, Kang has a dream, A smile, If you are happy and you know it, Rain, Let’s Sing, Zoo manners, Mr. Nobody, The Zigzag Boy, On my black board I can draw, I am the music man, Heigh-ho, Granny Granny Please comb my hair, Strange talk, The Wise Old Owl

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Unit I .

1. First day at school(Poem)

2. Haldi’s Adventure(Story)

3. The Paddling pool(Poem)

4. Bells(Poem)

5. Let’s listen and sing(Poem)

Unit II .

1. I am lucky(Poem)

2. I want(Story)

3. Kang has a dream(Poem)

Unit III .

1. A smile(Poem)

2. The wind and the Sun(Story)

3. If you are happy and you know it(Poem)

Unit IV .

1. Rain(Poem)

2. Storm in the Garden(Story)

3. Let’s Sing(Poem)

Unit V .

1. Zoo manners(Poem)

2. Funny Bunny(Story)

Unit VI .

1. Mr. Nobody(Poem)

2. Curly locks and the three bears(Story)

3. The Zigzag Boy(Poem)

Unit VII .

1. On my black board I can draw(Poem)

2. Make it shorter(Story)

3. The Mouse and the pencil(Story)

Unit VIII .

1. I am the music man(Poem)

2. The Mumbai musicians(Story)

3. Heigh-ho(Poem)

Unit IX .

1. Granny Granny Please comb my hair(Poem)

2. The Magic porridge pot(Story)

Unit X .

1. Strange talk(Poem)

2. The Grass hopper and the Ant(Story)

3. The Wise Old Owl(Poem)



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