Class 11 – Physics


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CLASS  11 – PHYSICS with following units explained in details :Unit I. Physical World and Measurement, Unit II. Kinematics, Unit III. Laws of Motion, Unit IV. Work, Energy and Power, Unit V. Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body, Unit VI. Gravitation, Unit VII. Properties of Bulk Matter, Unit VIII. Thermodynamics, Unit IX. Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory, Unit X. Oscillations and Waves

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Unit I. Physical World and Measurement 

Systems of Units, Measurement of Length, Mass and Time , Dimensional Analysis, Significant  Figures, Error Analysis

Unit II. Kinematics 

Addition and subtraction  of Vectors, Multiplication of vectors, Motion in one dimension, Equations for uniformly accelerated motion, Motion in two and  three dimension

Unit III. Laws of Motion 

Force, Variable Mass System and Equilibrium, Friction, Uniform Circular Motion, Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation

Unit IV. Work, Energy and Power 

Work and Power, Energy, Collision

Unit V. Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

Centre of mass, Torque and Equation of rotational motion, Angular momentum and conservation of angular momentum, Moment of inertia

Unit VI. Gravitation 

Satellite and planetary motion, Gravitational field, Potential and Energy

Unit VII. Properties of Bulk Matter 

Thermal Expansion, Specific Heat and Calorimetry, Conduction and convection, Thermal Radiation, Elasticity, Pascal’s law, Capillarity, Viscosity, Fluid flow

Unit VIII. Thermodynamics 

First Law of Thermodynamics, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Principle of Heat Engine

Unit IX. Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory 

Gas Laws, Kinetic Theory of Gases

Unit X. Oscillations and Waves

Simple Harmonic Motion, Dynamics of S.H.M. , vibrations of spring & other applications of S.H.M, Un damped and damped oscillations, Waves, Wave function, Superposition principle, Formation of stationary waves, Beats, Doppler Effect


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