Class 1 – Mathematics


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CLASS  1 – MATHEMATICS with following units explained in details : Unit 1. Comparison, Unit 2. Solid around us, Unit 3. Number 1 – 9 and Zero ,Unit 4. Number from 10 to 20, Unit 5. Addition up to 20, Unit 6. Subtraction up to 20, Unit 7. Number from 21 to 30, Unit 8. Time, Unit 9. Measurement, Unit 10. Data Handling, Unit 11. Patterns, Unit 12. Money, Unit 13. How Many


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Unit 1. Comparison

Longer or Shorter,Taller or Shorter, Bigger or Smaller, Thicker or Thinner, Heavier or Lighter, Top or Bottom, On or Under, Inside or Outside, Above or Below, Nearer or Farther, Before or After, Between 

Unit 2. Solid around us

Collection, Odd one out, Matching, Movements, Rolling, Sliding, Shapes

Unit 3. Number 1 – 9 and Zero

Numbers one to nine, Number names, Concept of zero, Count and write, Counting forwards,  Counting backwards, Count Numbers from 1 to 9, Addition, Picture addition,  Addition with + sign, Addition table, Sideway Addition, Vertical addition, Subtraction, Picture subtraction, Subtraction with – sign, Sideway subtraction, Vertical subtraction

Unit 4. Number from 10 to 20

Numbers from 10 to 20, Numbers 10 to 20, Concept of ten and successive Ones, Group of tens and Ones, Tens and Ones, Matching, Activity, Greater or Smaller numbers, Greatest or Smallest Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, Activity

Unit 5. Addition up to 20

Picture addition, Horizontal addition, Vertical addition, Addition in story form

Unit 6. Subtraction up to 20

Picture Subtraction, Horizontal Subtraction, Vertical Subtraction, Subtraction in story form

Unit 7. Number from 21 to 30

Numbers from 21 to 30, Numbers from 21 to 30-Activity, Numbers from 31 to 40, Numbers from 31 to 40-Activity, Numbers from 41 to 50, Numbers from 41 to 50-Activity, Numbers from 51 to 60,  Numbers from 51 to 60-Activity, Numbers from 61 to 70, Numbers from 61 to 70-Activity, Numbers from 71 to 80, Numbers from 71 to 80-Activity, Numbers from 81 to 90, Numbers from 81 to 90-Activity, Numbers from 91 to 100, Numbers from 91 to 100-Activity, Numbers on the Abacus, Numerals on the Abacus 

Unit 8. Time

Mini’s Day, Clock, Watch and Write, Activity 

Unit 9. Measurement

Big and Small, Big, Bigger, Biggest, Small, Smaller, Smallest, Thick and Thin, Thick,Thicker,Thickest, Thin,Thinner,Thinnest, Heavy and Light, Heavy, Heavier, Heaviest, Light, Lighter, Lightest, Tall and Short, Tall, Taller,Tallest, Short, Shorter, Shortest, Measurement of Length

Unit 10. Data Handling

Data Collection,  Activity

Unit 11. Patterns

Patterns, What comes next?,  Shape Patterns,  Number Patterns

Unit 12. Money

Money, Activities 

Unit 13. How Many

Number of sticks, How many beads?, How much will be the cost?, Number names, How many Tens?



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