Class 1 – Environmental Studies


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CLASS 1  – ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES with following units explained in details : Unit 1. About Myself  Unit 2. Living Things and Non-living Things Unit 3. Plant Life Unit 4. Animal Life Unit 5. Air and Water Unit 6. Our Universe Unit 7. Major Directions Unit 8. Human Body Unit 9. Food Unit 10. Clothes Unit 11. Good Habits Unit 12. Housing Unit 13. Safety And First Aid Unit 14. Our Family Unit 15. Our Neighborhood Unit 16. Our School Unit 17. Our Festivals

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Unit 1. About Myself

Introduction, Myself, Summary

Unit 2. Living Things and Non-living Things

Introduction, Living Things and Non Living Things, Summary

Unit 3. Plant Life

Introduction, Plant Life, Shrubs, Herbs, Climbers, Creepers, Trees, Parts of  A Plant, Roots, Stem, Leaves, Flowers And Fruits, Thorns , Seeds, Plants – their Uses, Summary

Unit 4. Animal Life

Introduction, Animal Life, Food of Animals, Homes of Animals, More about  Animals, Summary

Unit 5. Air and Water

Introduction, Air Around Us, Air fills Space, Air has Weight, Air is Needed   to Make Things Burn, We cannot live without air, Animals and Plants Need  Air to Live, Water is a need for life, Plants Need Water, Animals Need Water, Summary

Unit 6. Our Universe

Introduction, Our Universe, The Sun, The Moon, Stars, Summary

Unit 7. Major Directions

Introduction, Major Directions, Summary

Unit 8. Human Body

Introduction, Human Body, Sense Organs, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Skin, Your Mouth, Your Face, Your Hands, Hair, Bathing, Summary

Unit 9. Food

Introduction, Plants give us food, Protective food, Vegetarians and non- vegetarians, Summary

Unit 10. Clothes

Introduction, Clothes we wear during summer, Clothes we wear during rainy season, Clothes we wear during winter, Summary

Unit 11. Good Habits

Introduction, Exercise, Good Habits, More Good Habits, Healthy Eating  Habits, Play, Sleep, We Need Pure Air to Breathe, We Need Pure Water to Drink, We Need Clothes to Cover Our Body, Summary

Unit 12. Housing

Introduction, House, Types of Houses, We Need A House to Live In, Some Other Shelters, People Engaged In Making Houses, Resting, Summary

Unit 13. Safety And First Aid

Introduction, First Aid, Safety While Playing, Safety While Walking, Traffic  lights, Safety While Swimming, Safety While Riding a Bus, Safety While Handling Fire, Safety While Working with Tools, Summary

Unit 14. Our Family

Introduction, Large Family, Small Family, Joint Family, Summary

Unit 15. Our Neighborhood

Introduction, Our Neighbourhood, Post Office, Market, Bus Station, Railway Station, Airport, Bank, Hospital, Fire Station, Police Station, Summary

Unit 16. Our School

Introduction, Our School, Our Classroom, Our Playground, Summary

Unit 17. Our Festivals

Introduction, Celebrations, Festivals, Summary


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