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CLASS  1 – ENGLISH with following topics explained in details :

STORIES : Three little Pigs, The Bubble, the straw and the shoe, Lalu and Peelu, Mittu and the Yellow mango, Circle, Murali’s mango tree, Sundari, The tiger and the mosquito, Anandi’s Rainbow, The Tailor and his friend

POEMS : A Happy Child, After a Bath, One little kitten, Once I saw a little bird, Merry -Go-Round, If I Were an Apple, Our Tree, A Kite, A Little Turtle, Clouds, Flying man

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Unit I .

1. A Happy Child(Poem)

2. Three little Pigs(Story)

Unit II .

1. After a Bath(Poem)

2. The Bubble, the straw and the shoe(Story)

Unit III .

1. One little kitten(Poem)

2. Lalu and Peelu(Story)

Unit IV .

1. Once I saw a little bird(Poem)

2. Mittu and the Yellow mango(Story)

Unit V .

1. Merry -Go-Round(Poem)

2. Circle(Story)

Unit VI .

1. If I Were an Apple(Poem)

2. Our Tree(Poem)

3. Murali’s mango tree(Story)

Unit VII .

1. A Kite(Poem)

2. Sundari(Story)

Unit VIII .

1. A Little Turtle(Poem)

2. The tiger and the mosquito(Story)

Unit IX .

1. Clouds(Poem)

2. Anandi’s Rainbow(Story)

Unit X .

1.  Flying man(Poem)

2. The Tailor and his friend(Story)


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